Flood Claim Time Limit

It is that time of year again in New Orleans. Everyday the weather is hot with a 40% chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. Even as I type this post, we are getting our afternoon monsoon. Some times these afternoon showers can pile up water and result in flood damage to your home.

It is also Hurricane season. A hurricane brings the added risk of damaging, high winds. While your homeowners policy will probably cover the wind damage, it is not always obvious what damage was caused by wind and what damage was caused by flooding. As a result, it is a good idea to carry flood insurance on any real property you own. Even if you think you are in an area that ‘never floods’ there is still a risk. Flood insurance is cheap compared to other types of insurance, so it is worth having for the piece of mind.

If you have suffered flood damage, you need to be aware of a very important deadline. You have 60 days from the date of loss to file a sufficient ‘proof of claim.’ Sometimes this deadline gets extended by FEMA, but not always. It is imperative to meet this deadline or lose your chance at recovery.

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