Construction Defects

Construction defect and design defect claims are a legal minefield. Success in your litigation can hinge on technical interpretation of design specs, product specs, engineering decisions and builder contracts. All parties to a construction defect dispute face potential losses. Property owners are faced with the cost of repairing construction defects, contractors and design professionals are faced with damage to their reputation as well as the time and expense of litigation. It is usually in the best interests of all parties involved to get the matter resolved as expeditiously as possible. Call an attorney to navigate this minefield.

Construction defects can occur in a variety of seatings:

Leak Damage
Soils, Subsidence and Foundation Movement
Drainage and Ponding Water
Mold Damage
Fire and Earthquake Safety Issues
Decks, Balconies and Walkways
Defective Construction Products
Toxic Substances
Asphalt Failure
Paint and Caulking
Plumbing and Tile
Whether you are a contractor, or consumer, you should contact an attorney immediately if any of these issues are identified. We have the network of experts that can help establish your claim.