18 Wheeler Accident

Commercial truck drivers are held to much higher standards than the average motorist. Commercial drivers must adhere to federal trucking regulations, not just the general state laws.  Sometimes, truck drivers are compensated if their shipments arrive on time or early.  Unfortunately, this scheme can mean that truck drivers are more concerned with bonuses than safety.

After an 18 wheeler accident a lot of issues need to be reviewed, like:

  1. Ownership of the truck or trailer
  2. Hours on the Road
  3. Municipal Liability
  4. Negligent Hiring
  5. Training Practices
  6. Manufacturer of defective auto parts
  7. Shipping company
  8. Truck Loader

We will analyze this issues, and the specifics of your case, to make sure you get what you deserve from the insurance company, trucking company and anyone else involved. Oftentimes, we can hold multiple parties responsible for your damages.

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