• Premises Liability

    Premise liability refers to a property owner’s liability for personal injuries occurring on or around his property. These claims usually involve personal injuries [...]
  • Fire Damage

    A house fire is among the most devastating events that can strike an individual or family. A business destroyed by fire is also a personal and economic setback. In the [...]
  • 18 Wheeler Accident

    Commercial truck drivers are held to much higher standards than the average motorist. Commercial drivers must adhere to federal trucking regulations, not just the general [...]

The Albritton Law Firm’s motto explains what you can expect: Modern Service, Classic Principles. No matter the issues in your case, you can rest assured that the most advanced technology in the business is being brought to bear on your problem. Our owner, and founder is Melvin Albritton, a Louisiana licensed attorney with 15 years of experience fighting for clients.

Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, we handle many types of cases, from personal injury and insurance disputes to copyright infringement and commercial fraud. We are here to help you recoup damage. Our great service is also coupled with exceptionally high values and 15 years of dedicated service. Whatever your problem, schedule a call with us today – if we cannot take your case, we will help you find someone who can.

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Auto Accident Attorney
If you find yourself involved in an accident, you need an experienced auto injury attorney to help you with your claim. Auto accidents are often times overwhelming experiences for those involved. While the insurance company may encourage you to handle your claim without an attorney, the insurance company does not always have your best interest in mind. Even relatively straight-forward cases can benefit from an attorney. That is why we offer free consultation and case evaluation.

Aside from the shock of the accident, you and your family may be in need of medical attention. Add that to the need for filing both a police report and an insurance claim, bringing more difficulty to an already trying time. Albritton Law Firm, LLC is here to help you navigate every issue that arises after an accident with compassion and efficiency. Contact us today to find out all of the ways we help clients in New Orleans, LA, after they’re involved in an accident.

Meet Melvin

  • Melvin Albritton obtained a degree in Political Economy from Tulane University. He was also the recipient of a Louisiana Legislative Scholarship. During his time at Tulane [...]

18-Wheeler Accidents

Copyright Attorney

  • Melvin Albritton is a New Orleans based attorney with over 15 years of experience representing businesses and individuals. One area of this practice that continues to grow is [...]

Copyright Attorney

While copyright protection attaches to a work at the moment of creation, registration provides valuable rights that are essential to enforcement. If you are ever put in a situation where you must file a lawsuit to enforce your copyright, registering the work is a prerequisite. Further, an infringer who copies your registered work faces stiffer penalties and may have to pay your attorneys fees and costs. Attorneys fees can be significant and in come cases dwarf the copyright damages. Therefore it is essential that you get your work registered before or simultaneously with first publication. We have worked with numerous New Orleans businesses to register their copyrights.

Once you have a copyright, you need to defend it and enforce it to keep it. We have helped many different clients enforce their copyrights. New Orleans is also home to many artists and designers – all of who would benefit from copyright consultation. From the mom-and-pop design shop to Fortune 500 and all those in-between have trusted us to fight for their rights. If you have questions about filing for a copyright or if you think someone is infringing on your copyright, let us evaluate your case for free.